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Gnd Tiles range of mosaic allows the designer and architect unimaging splendid natural permanent wall cladding, first of its kind , plenty of colours and textures creating stunning visual effects covering most architectural needs. Its allowed them to articulate their dream through evanescent glass mosaic and create glass architecture whether it is in outdoor places or indoor places. Most suitable for the decoration of wall surfaces circular semicircular and elevated immensely used at Airport, Subways, Sky scrappers Commercials Complex residential Complex Bus terminal, Railways stations, Swimming pools, Water Bodies, Schools, Hotels, Temples, Mosque, Churches and Gurudwaras and indoor floors the product inspires designers to explore and give imaginative touch to their creations leaving individual stamp of magnificence and Gnd Tiles.

Our manufacturing units are equipped with cutting edge technology. Intense automation and a zero chance for human error are just few reasons why GND TILES is leader in the industry.

These light weight mosaic can be easily fixed on any surface, are maintenance free, in addition to being waterproof, and retain their attributes for years to come even under harsh weather conditions. The characteristics of good resistance to chemical agents, to sudden changes in temperature, to light and frost , and the possibilities of making beautiful pattern and the creative variations in using the glass mosaics make it the ideal choice for ornamentation the world over.

Technical Details

Composition                               Sand silicon & other basic glass raw material. It looks semi transparent glass mosaic.

Size                                                  20mm x 20mm x 4mm thich (approx).

Weight                                           3 grams (approx) The back of each piece is line grooved for firm adhesion on the wall

Sheet                                               Dimension: 305mm x 305mm (approx) (Having 14x14=196 pieces sheet with 1.80mm approx. wide joint) The pieces are uniformly mounted on the paper                                                           sheet.

Water Absorption                     Being glass water adsorption is nill.

Chemical Resistance                Resistant to all general acids and alkalies is basic feature of glass.

Permanent colour                     Being homogeneous it is non fading.

Washing components               Water, diluted hydrocloric / tile cleaning acids & detergents.

Heat conductivity                       Poor conductor of heat is a basic feature of glass.

Patterns Of Using GND TILES




  Repeated patterns


  Hand Cut

Latest technical of craftsmanship with advance software made it surprising marvelous with the convent of any imagination realty by making any Pattern, Logos, Symbols suits for you.



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